We carry out projects both in Sweden and across Europe.

Below you can find a number of projects and contracts we have worked on.


Below we present projects performed by Andersson&Sjöblom Technocal Management Group.

  • Substation - Lithuania

    ABB will design, build, deliver and install the converter station including high voltage equipment such as power transformers and Thyristor-valves. It is expected that the station, which is preparing for a second 500 MW block, will be operational during 2015. The expectations are that LitPols network will eventually reach a capacity of 1000 MW.


    ASTM was contracted to participate as the project manager for concrete and earthworks. The contract also included ensuring quality work both on site and in the documentation management within the agreed budget and scheduling of the project.



  • Northern Station Area, Stockholm

    ASTM’s assignment in partnership with the contractor Bilfinger and STA was to guarantee that the bridges were constructed according to the contract and that all demands were met in relation to the concrete construction.


    This assignment for FAVEO is finished and a new contract within the same project has been signed with the Swedish Transport Administration. The assignment is to act as the Construction manager for concrete works.



  • Hydro power plant - Hissmofors

    One of ASTM’s major consulting projects for NCC was the brand new construction of the Jämtkraft  Hydro Power Plant in Hissmofors.


    We received the contract from NCC AB to carry out Deputy Site Management services for concrete work. The wok consisted of planning and management during the production but also having the main contact with the planners and international sub contractor.


  • Bromma airport - Stockholm

    The airport has a contract with the City of Stockholm to conduct airport operations up to 2038. ASTM’s role in this phase of development was to coordinate the construction manager for the sub-project; Security Classification 3C operating area.


  • Hydro power plant - Zvornik

    The ELNOS Group has been commissioned by Voith Hydro, and will be responsible for replacing all 4 turbines at the hydroelectric power plant in Zvornik. During this project, the demolition and concrete work must be carried out on site and ASTM has been contracted to deliver technical assistance and expertise to the subcontractor Gosa Montaza.


    The work includes the preparation of the project-adapted quality documentation to guarantee all the necessary standards and performance required before, during and after the work. ASTM will also be present on site to assist in the planning and selection of the design in consultation with the building contractor. The work will be conducted over a 4-year period starting 2015.


  • Technical services - NCC

    During the summer of 2016, ASTM AB has supplemented the project organization of NCC at the new headquarters of ICA and the redevelopement of Stockholm - Bromma airport. With the flexibility and technical expertise of ASTM, ASTM has contributed with resources for BAS-U (construction safety coordinator) and with project management for the earthwork and water-sewage construction.


  • technical services - Ramböll

    Ramboll is a leading social advisor with over 13 000 experts in the Nordic countries, North America, UK, Continental Europe, the Middle East and India and has a significant presence in Asia, Australia, South America and sub-Saharan Africa.


    Ramboll is passionate about inspiring and innovative solutions, customers, end users and society benefit.


    In the autumn of 2015 ASTM was very pleased to sign a 3-year framework agreement with Ramboll. The agreement concentrated on technical management, concrete work and other specialized construction services.

  • Gruvön - Paper factory

    BillerudKorsnäs has decided to invest approximately SEK 6 billion in a brand new paper machine that will be the world's largest producer of liquid board.

    The factory is located in Grums approx. 30 km west of Karlstad, Sweden.

    ASTM's role is to complement SWECO's construction management team with 2 resources.

    The main focus is the supervision of the concrete casting.



    Švedska elektro mreža širi nacionalnu mrežu oko Långsele iz razloga zagušenosti ovih stanica tokom zime. Rad će se odvijati na tri lokacije. Dve u Hjälta-u i jedna u Helgum-u. Stanica u Helgum-u podrazumeva izgradnju nove , dok je na druge dve u Hjälta-u planirano proširenje kapaciteta.

    „Vattenfall Services Nordic“ je određen za implementaciju projekta od Švedske elektro mreže. Uloga ASTM u projektu je pomoć „Vattenfall Services Nordic“ u vidu  tehničke podrške na izgradnji, u fazi planiranja i izvođenja radova. Tehnička podrška se sastoji od planiranja,praćenja  izgradnje vezano za kvalitet, dinamički plan  i finansije. Faza planiranja je u toku sa ciljem otpočinjanja radova na izgradnji u Aprilu 2017. i planiranim završetkom krajem 2018.


  • Substation - Kolbotten

    Švedska elektro mreža je angažovala ”INFRATEK” za nadogradnju trafostanice u Kolbotten-u, Švedska. Novi električni sistem će biti montiran na čeličnom okviru koji će biti usidren na već postojećem betonskom temelju. ASTM AB zadatak je da ispita stvarno stanje kvaliteta postojećeg betona u temelju i podnese pisani izvještaj o rezultatima ispitivanja betona temelja i da dostavi predlog mera. ASTM će kasnije biti odgovoran za planiranje i izgradnju odabranih mera.


  • Railroad - Stockholm County

    Švedska uprava za saobraćaj planira proširenje železnice sa dva na četiri koloseka kroz Solnu i Sundbiberg i pomeranje železničke pruge do tunela od 1,4 km u centralnom Sundbibergu. Planira se i zamena stanice u Sundbibergu novom putničkom i regionalnom železničkom stanicom.

    Proširenje železnice na deonici Solna-Sundbiberg je poslednji deo proširenja Malarbanana između Tomtebode i Kalhela.

    Uloga WSP-a je da napravi sistemski akcioni plan, plan železnice i procenu uticaja na životnu sredinu, a ASTM je deo grupe koja upravlja sistemom.

  • Substation - Myttinge

    Management of construction work in the development of a switchboard in Myttinge.


    ASTM's task is to handle the entire process from drawing to the final inspection.

    Project management design

    Production management construction


    Quality control

    Control of concrete (Temperature, quality and crack analysis - ConReg)

    Technical administration (management and documentation of the entire process)

Employee references

Below we present projects that have been performed by our employees during previous employment.

  • Nuclear power plant - Oskarshamn

    Contracted to provide Foreman services for all Class 1 Concrete work on the construction of the number 2 nuclear reactor. The contract entailed production planning and guaranteeing that all the concrete work met Swedish demands and norms.


  • Hydro power plant - Bålforsen

    Project Management services for the construction of a brand new Switch Gear Building at Bålforsens Hydro Power Station in Lycksele, northern Sweden.


    The assignment was carried out as part of a sub contract where the Consulting Company took overall responsibility from project design to completion in partnership with E.ON.


  • Hydro power plant - Lasele

    Technical support to Andritz relating to the construction contract of an impeller chamber and suction pipe cone at Vattenfalls Hydro Power Station in Lasele northern Sweden. The work entailed both demolition and building new concrete constructions.


  • Military camps - Afghanistan

    As well as the project management of site supervisors at military bases in Afghanistan there was also project design work carried out in Sweden relating to preparation of construction documents.


    The work entailed purchasing of materials, time planning and project management of local Afghan contractors. This was carried out in consultation with the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Fortifications Agency.


  • Årsta bridge - Stockholm

    The work entailed the construction of a new railway bridge over Årsta Bay in Stockholm.


    The assignment for the contractor was, amongst other things project management of concrete work regarding pillars and underwater casting. Additionally quality, environment and health and safety responsibilities were also delivered on contract.


  • Bridge repairs, Stockholms Län

    Site manager at controlled bridges and occasional service-jobs.

    Description of work on the objects: Demolition of existing edgebeams with waterblasting, reinforcement, formwork and casting of new edgebeams, replacement of the sealing coat, new asphalt and new bridge railings. Some of the bridges over water are supplemented with backing up ice protection made of stainless steel placed on the front walls.



    Work description: Demolition of the beam of slope, new sheat pile, steelcore piles, reinforcement, formwork and casting of a 75m new beam of slope, soil work for the preparations of new stops for the ferry and bus passengers.


  • Bridge - crni tomok river

    Material and Quality control engineer

    The construction of prestressed, reinforced, concrete cableway bridge across the river Crni Timok. The total lenght is 67m, 52m between the supports. The bridge's structural system is so-called "Extradosed Bridge System", a system visually similar to a bridge with sloping cables, but with significant differences in the redistribution of the effect between the oblique cable and the main beam's concrete.


  • Highway E75

    Material and Quality control engineer

    The project involves the construction of 11 bridges of different lengths and construction systems (from 12m to 250m) and 5 culverts


  • windfarm - Dolovo

    Technical calculations and preparations for a 35/400 kV substation.


    First large scale windfarm in Serbia. The project contains all the construction needed to maintain and transfer the produced energy, including concrete bases and a transformer station.


  • Substation - Belgrade

    Technical calculations


    Total reconstruction of a substation in Belgrade, originally built in 1958. The project was in the planning phase consisting of technical calculations and preparation of the work needed for reconstruction.


  • Bridge - highway E80

    Organization, planning, operational project management, quality control


    Construction of bridge for heavy traffic.

    Length of the bridge L = 68.35m, width 13.75m.

    Bridge with massive foundations on the natural rock, 4 reinforced concrete pillars with bearing beams.

    Five prefabricated prestressed girders L = 34.00m.


  • overpass- highway E80

    Organization, planning, operation project management, quality control


    Viaduct construction for heavy traffic.

    Length of overpass  78.00m, width 13.75m

    Overpass with massive foundations on the natural rock, 5 reinforced piers with bearing beams.


    2 x 6 = 12 prefabricated prestressed girders L = 18.00m.

    2 x 6 = 12 prefabricated prestressed girders L = 17.40m.


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