Today we work on a variety of projects. Below we are pleased to present a number of these projects. If you would like more information on these projects and our contribution and involvment please donot hesitate to contact us!

  • Flemmingsberg Stage 1

    Trafikverksprojektet Flemingsberg består av flera projekt och åtgärder på både väg och järnväg.


    Denna etapp omfattar förlängning av Regulatorbron, uppförande av en ny gång- och cykelbro med anslutningsvägar, schakter och omläggning av väg 226, lednings – och finplaneringsarbeten. Arbetena som utförs skapar plats för ett nytt järnvägsspår och ny perrong på Flemingsbergs station.


    ASTM har i detta projekt uppgiften som byggplatsuppföljare avseende mark- och betongarbeten. Byggplatsuppföljarnas uppgifter är att följa arbetena på plats samt att vara en kanal mellan beställare, projektör och entreprenör för att säkerställa att projektet genomförs enligt de uppställda kraven gällande kvalitet, miljö, arbetsmiljö och ekonomi.


  • Construction Manager - e4/e20

    In order to guarantee the increase in traffic capacity on the E4 and E20 highways the Swedish Transport Agency (STA) is building a number of concrete structures amongst other things bridges, troughs and a dewatering facility. Implenia and Hochtief have been selected as the contactors to carry out this work.


    ASTM’s main part of the project is to represent the customer on site as well as ensuring that all work is carried out according to the contract. This includes regular contact with all employees working in production management but also to ensure the agreed levels of quality in both the  work and documentation.


    The regular contact with the contractor covers the following areas:

      • Inspection of technical documentation before work starts
      • Coordination of environmental and safety issues during production
      • Handling of scheduling and financial reconciliations


    This assignment is a continuation of the original assignment which was on behalf of the Client FAVEO to act as a Client Site Supervisor for Concrete Construction at the North Station Area in Central Stockholm, Sweden.


  • Kv Selma - Örebro

    Kärnhem AB is building 106 new, modern apartments in Örebro. Byggteknik AB has been assigned the task of managing the building process.

    ASTM provides a supervisor/project manager as well as a land surveyor, both working with the project full time.


  • Getingmidjan - Stockholm

    The Swedish Transport Administration is currently renovating one of Sweden's busiest railways. The railway was built in the 1950s and is not adapted to today's traffic. The reparation is necessary to meet today's and tomorrow's demands for reliable and sustainable travel and transportation.


    ASTM will plan and carry out an independent third party review of deliveries from the total contractor for the client's assignment.


  • Frame agreement - Vattenfall service

    ASTM has signed a framework agreement with Vattenfall Services regarding technical consultancy in construction and civil engineering. The agreement is valid until September 2019 and includes projects within Sweden.

  • Technical support

    ASTM AB has been assigned by ELLEVIO to provide technical support for construction work in the rebuilding or construction of distribution stations in the Stockholm region. The assignment consists of being a support during the whole construction process from design, production to handover. This mission will last until 2019.

  • by pass Ljusdal

    Project By-pass Ljusdal involves the relocation of an existing high-voltage line. Previously, the cable had a length of 8.5 km. ASTM AB was directly involved by the investor Svenska Kraftnät to carry out a detailed inspection of the quality systems and monitor the casting of concrete foundations and the construction of the new steel towers.


    As project manager and site manager, our task is to monitor the performance, concrete quality and hardness as well as review and control of project specifications, drawings and quality control of the entire project.

  • Karlskrona Bay, SALEM

    Design and construction management for a development area in Rönninge.

    Expansion of water, drainage and streets

  • "Startboxen", Solna stad

    Construction management and technical support for street projects with enginering constructions.

  • SUBSTATION, myttinge

    Management of construction work in the development of a switchboard in Myttinge.


    ASTM's task is to handle the entire process from drawing to the final inspection.

    Project management design

    Production management construction


    Quality control

    Control of concrete (Temperature, quality and crack analysis - ConReg)

    Technical administration (management and documentation of the entire process)

  • Substation, Laxjön/Mon

    The projects is two substations: Laxjön (130/40/10 kV) and Mon (130/40 kV). Laxjön will be reconstructed and Mon will be totally rebuilt.


    The project started off as technical support for H&MV. When the tendering was done and won, ASMTs responibilites conti nued with projects management as follows:

    - Design Managmenet

    - Technical support/management

    -  Site manager

    - Surveying with ASTM surveyors

    - Technical administration

  • Water management, norra station

    Workplace support and quality assurance for clients.


    The project will link the drainage water between Södra Hagastaden and "Norra Länken". The project involves the casting of protection pipes in concrete for sewage pipes as well as assembly and interconnection of sewage pipes.

  • Substation, Stöde

    The project is part of Svenska Kraftnät's expansion of the grid through Sweden to ensure the supply of electricity from the northern parts to the southern parts of our country. New substation is being constructed on existing land opposite the old substation that will be demolished when the new if finished.

    SvK has procured ABB which, in turn, has procured Otera for the execution of fieldwork and concrete foundation.

    ASTM is part of Otera's organization on site, where we have the role of Responsible Worker (Concrete Class 1) for site-cast concrete foundations, management and to follow up concrete works on site considering execution and quality.

  • roads Bridges, Stockholm

    ASTM's task is to provide technical support for contractual matters.


    About the project (FSE101):


    The assignment was awarded to Hochtief and includes the construction of the most distant areas within E4 Förbifart Stockholm.


    The construction includes:


    re- and construction of roads

    a new walking and cycling bridge

    a new interchange

    Construction start is scheduled for the first half of 2018 and production is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022. The contract price is approximately SEK 370 million.

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